Birthday Return gifts for 12 Year old
Birthday Return Gifts

11 Amazing Birthday Return gifts for 12 Year old (Boys/Girls) – 2020

Birthday Return gifts for 12 Year old in India. If you are in the search of some great return gift items for preteen kids then you are eventually in the right place. These return gifts are so much fun, engaging and functional which can bring smile on the face of any 12 year old.

Apart from birthday these return gifts will also work fine as a gift on any other occasion for the boys and girls of the age of 12.

Birthday Return Gifts for Kids: Birthday Return gifts for 12 Year old

birthday return gifts for 12 year old
birthday return gifts for 12 year old

Below you will find some of the best birthday party return gift that you need to make 12 year old smile.

1. Multipurpose Unicorn Pouch

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Why We Like It: Multipurpose unicorn pouch that is not just beautiful but functional as well.

Why We Recommend It: A return gift for them to carry or organize their miscellaneous parts, stationary, chocolates and accessories.

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2. Panda Mugs

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Why We Like It: Super cute mug with alluring panda design.

Promising Review: ‘It comes with superb print quality and beautiful rubber cap. Material is very awesome. And look is very attractive. With beautiful shape. Perfect mug’ – Ruchit Panchal

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3. Analogue Girls’ Watch

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Why We Like It: Beautiful wrist analog log watches with unique design.

Why We Recommend It: watches that can make a good and affordable return gift for girls on birthday.

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4. Glitter Mermaid Sequins Diary

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Why We Like It: These sequins notebook seems magical, girls can use these to record their mood and memorable or important things in the notebook.

Why We Recommend It: A wonderful return gift for teenage girls who love sequins and sparkles.

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5. Marvel Avengers Pin Badge

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Why We Like It: Cool looking badges of Avenger superheros.

Why We Recommend It: Superhero badges for kids as a birthday party favor to let them have a lot of fun.

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6. Magic Kaleidoscopes

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Promising Review: ‘Good stuff for birthday return gifts. Kids also like it because of good colors on it. I like the idea of very simple item. Would be great if the seller starts giving option to gift wrap them individually.’ –
Rohan P.

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7. Stylish Unicorn Print Case

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Why We Like It: Pen bag with compartments for better organization of stationary.

Why We Recommend It: Cute and useful gift for little girls for keeping their pen, pencil, eraser and other stationary items in one place.

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8. Glitter Shimmer Notebook

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Why We Like It: A handmade beautiful shimmering sparkling notebook.

Why We Recommend It: Gift that encourage your kids to maintain daily journals and diary writing.

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9. Sequin Reversible Bracelets

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Why We Like It: bring a lot of fun and excitement.

Why We Recommend It: Very fashionable and cool looking bracelets for boys and girls that will make birthday party so much fun for them.

Promising Review:

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10. Samrat Board Games

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Promising Review: ‘A very intuitive and fun strategy game for entire family, the quality of materials are exemplary. The game is made to be enjoyed by adults as well as children.’ – Abhinav

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11. Marvel Avengers Round Shaped Pencil Bag

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Why We Like It: Great for holding stationery and other small essential items.

Why We Recommend It: Easy to carry and fits almost all stationery without any fuss. Will be fantastic return gift for marvel fan kids.

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