birthday return gifts for 3 year old

15 BEST Birthday Return gifts for 3 Year old (Baby Boys/Baby Girls)

Birthday Return Gifts for 3 Year old in India. Choosing a good return gift for 3-year-old kids can be a tough task. To make it simple and easy for you we have created a list of return gift ideas for a 3-year-old kid.

You will find here fun, practical, and educational gifts that kids and parents both going to appreciate.

Birthday Return Gifts for Kids: Birthday Return gifts for 3 Year old

Here are some great Birthday Return gifts for 3 Year old that will make him/her super happy:

1. Stuffed Plush Ball

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Why We Recommend It: Lightweight and colorful and attractive ball will be a lot of fun for 3 years old.

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2. Baby Boys’ & Baby Girls’ Track pants

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Promising Review: ‘Extremely happy with the quality of these pants. Bought it for layering up my little one during winters. Pleasing colors and exceptional fit. Used it for close to two months now and with multiple machine washes, the color is intact…’ – Gowri Nair

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3. Little Master Activity Cube

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Why We Like It: Games like beads game, gears game, shape sorter, and many others can help children sharpen their logical skills.

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4. Monster Trucks Toys

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Why We Recommend It: These fun and cool-looking toys allow kids to develop and enhance learning skills in terms of distinguishing color patterns, shapes, and toy identification.

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5. Drum Keyboard Musical Toys

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Why We Like It: Bright and attractive organ keyboard for kids that plays musical notes, animal sounds, and songs.

Why We Recommend It: Beautifully designed colorful musical toy for kids. Any kid would love to receive it as a gift.

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6. Wooden Train Educational Model Vehicle Toys

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Why We Recommend It: Wooden Digital Colourful Train with wooden train engine, 10 wooden trains with colorful 0-9 numbers on top. Each train has 4 sliding wheels which glide easily.

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7. Soft Plush Backpacks

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Why We Recommend It: DZert Provide Premium quality bags that are non-toxic and made up of soft velvet because our priority is to provide the best and high-quality bags/backpacks to your kids.

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8. Amazing Learning House

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Why We Like It: This learning house will make a toddler learn multiple activities and also help in all-around development.

Why We Recommend It: A combination of fun and education this amazing learning house will be an ideal gift for the special little guest of the birthday party.

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9. Pull Back Car Toys

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Why We Like It: Sturdy, durable, and lightweight toy cars.

Why We Recommend It: Toy cars with attractive design can make the day of a kid.

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10. Kids Solar System Snap Flash Card

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Why We Like It: Great way to get your toddler excited to learn about the topic of space and the Solar System.

Why We Recommend It: A game he can carry with him everywhere and would be the perfect return gift or party favor for kids.

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11. Learning Cube for Kids

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Why We Recommend It: Activity Cube Toy comes with moveable clock hands and a multi-color clock dial which helps children to learn how to read the time. A 6-in-1 Educational activity toy is a great birthday gift for 1 or 2-year-old boys and girls.

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12. Unbreakable Automobile Car Toy Set

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Why We Recommend It: Chunky design for easy grasping. With a perfect size for little hands, these push friction-powered toys are easy to grip and play with my young kids. Help promotes babies’ hand-eye coordination, sensory perception, develop their imaginations and practice cooperative play.

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13. TECHBLAZE Metal Die Cast Monster Truck

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Why We Recommend It: High-quality inflatable rubber wheels, anti-skid, shock resistant, strong grip. Remote control car made with genuine rubber tires can effectively reduce the impact force when the RC car hit the ground from a great height.

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14. Reusable Activity Mats 

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Why We Recommend It: Skillmatics preschool champion is the perfect way to prepare your children for primary school. This holistic pack has 17 repeatable activities covering everything from animals to routines.

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15. Musical Dancing Girl Toy

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Why We Like It:

Why We Recommend It: Vikas gift gallery Musical dancing girl with lightning effect very cute toy. Children can learn to dance along with the toy. vibrant and brilliant lightening effect. The height of the girl is about 7 inches. 

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birthday return gifts for 3 year old
birthday return gifts for 3 year old

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