Birthday Return Gifts for 4 years old

25 AMAZING Birthday Return Gifts for 4 Year old in India – 2024

Birthday Return Gifts for 4 Year old in India. You are expecting 4-year-old kids at your kid’s birthday party and you are having trouble finding some great birthday return gifts for 4 year old. Well, we have here some great return gift suggestions for you.

Our gift list has some of the best return gifts you can find for a 4-year-old on the web. You will see here practical, beautiful, educational toys for both boys and girls.

Birthday Return Gifts for Kids: Birthday Return gifts for 4 Year Old

Here are the best birthday return gifts for 4year old that he/she going to love:

1. Monster Trucks Toys

Why We Like It: These monster truck toys are not just fun but they can also help kids in memory building, sensory perception, muscular development, and coordination skills.

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2. Funny Jump ELF Toys

Promising Review: ‘Mast hai… My kids and his friends loved it. They found it to be funny. That’s all I care for! These guys are 7 years old and this was kinda funny for them… Little skill is needed to operate it hence smaller kids were not enjoying playing with it… Rather they were chewing on them.’Deepa Dixit Tiwari

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3. Sipper Glasses

Why We Like It: Stylish drink-carrying solution for everyday use for kids. Easy to clean glasses with lids and straws.

Why We Recommend It: An attractive and usable return gift for a 4-year-old.

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4. Coloring Roll Story Book for Kids

Why We Like It: What this coloring roll does to the kids is improve their memory, enhance critical thinking, and heighten creativity.

Why We Recommend It: A great way to keep engaged kids for hours of fun. It will be perfect to return gifts and party favors for kids around the age of 4 years.

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5. Car Toys

Promising Review: ‘I am happy with the purchase, my son likes this particular Hot Wheel collection more than others because of the included Monster Jam car.’SRINIVASAN C

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6. Multi-color Headband

Why We Like It: Multi-color headband set with cute designs that will make a baby look more fashionable and attractive.

Why We Recommend It: Beautiful accessory for a 4-year-old baby girl that will match most of her outfits.

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7. Bowling Set – Mickey and Friends

Why We Recommend It: Bright and colorful bowling set that will develop the hand-eye coordination of kids.

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8. Pull Back Vehicles Toy

Why We Recommend It: The pull-back car set is durable playtime for a realistic car play experience, which covers different public transport scenes to improve your little ones’ social cognition and hand-eye coordination.

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9. Electronic Memory Handheld Simon Game

Why We Recommend It: The electronic handheld Simon game presents an exciting challenge to repeat the patterns and advance to higher levels.

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10. Puzzle Game

Why We Like It: Innovative bus toy that will enhance a child’s learning and development in a fun manner.

Why We Recommend It: A truly magical toy that will keep a little kid entertained.

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11. Creative Reusable Painting DIY Kit

Why We Recommend It: Let them learn to paint and inspire them to develop and express their creativity with the help of this reusable DIY painting.

Promising Review: ‘Excellent product for restless kids, provides lots of creativity, there’s a design pamphlet given for inspiration. Stones can be washed easily for reuse. Keeps them busy for hours!’Anonymous

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12. Little Master Activity Cube

Why We Like It: This activity cube comes with different games like beads game, gears game, shape sorter, and many others which can help children sharpen their logical skills.

Why We Recommend It: A multipurpose toy that will make a kid learn multiple things while having fun.

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13. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Why We Like It: Built to smash and crash everything in sight, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks make great gifts for kids.

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14. School Bus and Fire Brigade Truck 

Why We Recommend It: The package has a combo pack of die-cast metal School Bus toys and metal Fire firefighting trucks. These toys boost your child’s cognition development, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.

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15. Hot Wheels 5 Car gift pack 

Why We Recommend It: Hot Wheels Five Car Gift Pack Assortment. Includes five Hot Wheels vehicles with genuine die-cast parts. The Colour and design of the car may vary. Best gift ever for kids and collectors.

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16. Flower Hair Band 

Why We Like It: One of the prettiest hairbands you can find for 4-year-old girls. This hairband comes in different colors and flower designs.

Why We Recommend It: Girls can wear this charming hairband for special occasions and parties. This will become her favorite accessory to wear with her favorite dresses.

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17. Transparent Plane

Why We Like It: Electric driving, colorful lighting, mechanical system of the simulation gear, pleasant sound effects.

Why We Recommend It: Colorful LED lights support your baby’s intellectual development, improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination, are a good family game, and will help the parent-child relationship.

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18. Backpack 

Why We Like It: The kid cartoon backpack is crafted with waterproof Oxford cloth material, and the lining is durable polyester. Fine stitching ensures the backpack’s wear resistance and durability.

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19. T-Shirts 

Why We Like It: Comfortable to wear all day long, these T-shirts are made from cotton that is soft against the skin. Each of the T-shirts features a regular fit along with a round neckline with comfortably cut-out armholes.

Why We Recommend It: A practical party favor that every kid is going to love.

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20. Cartoon Waterproof Watch 

Why We Like It: Such a great accessory for little girls. A cute and eye-catching wristwatch that is going to add more beauty to her outfit.

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21. Star Socks 

Why We Like It: Comfortable and cute-looking socks made of premium quality material.

Why We Like It: These socks going to be useful, inexpensive, and kids-friendly birthday party favors.

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22. Jigsaw Puzzle 

Why We Like It: This jungle animal puzzle play set is a fun way to teach young children about jungle life. These beautifully designed boxes are sure to engage your kid in this fun-filled activity.

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23.  Hover Ball Disc 

Why We Like It: This hover toy soccer combines hockey and soccer features into one ball, which allows you to use it in various ways; not only can you play as a gliding kid toy, but also you can treat it like a real soccer and kick with your feet. 

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24. Mini Travel Puzzles 

Why We Like It: Classical Tangram puzzle toys, Training imagination, improving eye-hand coordination, and color and shape recognition. Get all the blocks back together on the board with a different solution. 

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25. Moon Star Projector Light 

Why We Like It: This star projector lamp is a great night light for your kids scared of the dark at bedtime, there are 4 pcs LED beads of blue light, warm light, green light, and red light, the light is cozy, not dazzling.

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