Birthday Return Gifts for 7 years old

27 BEST Birthday Return Gifts for 7 Year Old – 2024

Birthday Return Gifts for 7 Year old in India. You are going to organize your kid’s birthday party but you’re not sure what return gift would make sense for the invited 7-year-old kids.

No biggie, we have here some amazing return gift ideas that will surely excite the kids of age 7.

Our birthday return gifts for 7 years old include stationery items, entertaining as well as educational toys, and many other fun items to make the birthday party awesome for them.

Birthday Return Gifts for Kids: Birthday Return gifts for 7 Year old

Below you will find the gift ideas that will work perfectly as return gifts for 7 years old:

1. Ocean Creatures Erasers

Why We Like It: High quality – Made of high-quality material.

Why We Recommend It: FunBlast designer erasers are very cute and stylish in looks, they attract kids.

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2. Magical Rainbow Scratch Art Sheet Packs

Why We Recommend It: A brilliant gift for kids to express themselves and enhance their imagination.

Promising Review: ‘Can be used as a birthday return gift. Different from routine gifts like stationery kits, books, bags, etc. Kids will love it…’Anonymous

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3. Pen Stand with Photo

Why We Like It: Great for kids to store all writing accessories like pens, pencils, sketch pens, crayons, pencil colors, and stationery.

Why We Recommend It: This beautiful and catchy pen holder will be a great birthday party favor for 7-year-olds.

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4. Multi-Color Unicorn Mask

Why We Like It: Mask with unicorn shape design to let little kids have fun and make them look charming.

Why We Recommend It: Fancy and cool-looking masks for kids to wear at a birthday party.

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5. Flying Airplane Toy

Why We Like It: Kids enjoy this toy for both indoor and outdoor play, kids prefer to have outdoor competitions that can be flying away, as well as battle shooting gun games.

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6. Mug with Lid

Why We Like It: Colorful mugs with attractive looks that are leakproof and easy to carry.

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7. Watercolor Set 

Promising Review: ‘I have purchased this for my daughter’s birthday as a return gift item for kids. My daughter kept one for herself and used it for coloring and painting…
Good product for return gifts kids will be happy after getting this.’

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8. Educational Game: Space Explorers 

Why We Like It: A fantastic educational game that will let children learn problem-solving, creative thinking, communication, observation, and concentration.

Why We Recommend It: Great return gift that will ensure kids have fun while they learn key concepts.

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9. Multipurpose Unicorn Pouch

Why We Recommend It: Ideal for kids to organize all their miscellaneous parts, stationery, chocolates, and accessories.

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10. Flag & Country Trivia

Why We Recommend It: This game will help kids learn about countries, flags, capitals, and other interesting facts.

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11. Cute Unicorn Gel Pens

Why We Recommend It: Adorable unicorn pens any kid would love to write with.

Promising Review: ‘I ordered 2 packs of these pens and I totally loved them. Will be using them as party favors. The quality is too good. Loved the colors too.’Virginia Dsouza

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12. Superhero Masks

Why We Like It: Now it’s possible! This set is perfect for not only your child but also the parents and adults who want to pretend to be their favorite superheroes during the day.

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13. Secret Password Lock Dairy

Why We Like It: These cool and stylish diaries are for the little ones to keep his/her secrets, wishes, dreams, and all thoughts logged into this private journal that he/she can lock away with the combination lock.

Why We Recommend It: Beautiful dairy with a password lock that will make amazing return gifts for kids’ birthday parties.

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14. Sunglasses for Kids Boys Girls

Why We Recommend It: Unique and stylish sunglasses with two different colors in the frame and temple. These sunglasses look cuter and more special to win children’s like. 

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15. Regular Fit T-Shirt

Why We Recommend It: These t-shirts do not just look cute and attractive but they are also durable and comfortable as well.
The printed designs of Disney’s cartoon characters will make kids love these even more.

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16. Sparklebox Glass Painting Kit

Why We Recommend It: This painting kit brings you to know more about Sparklebox Art and it pulls out your passion for Arts & Crafts. DIY Glass painting will open a whole new artistic world for a child. It is an amazing way to begin learning glass painting, it helps budding artists grow their imagination.

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17. Reusable Activity Mats with Marker Pen

Why We Recommend It: Truly innovative content that is age-appropriate, skill-oriented, and infinitely engaging for young learners

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18. Jewellery Making Kit

Why We Recommend It: Create 8 Cool Fashion Bracelets to wear and share with this craft set. Making your own jewelry is fun and easy with this all-in-one art and craft kit. For age 7 years and up

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19. Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher 

Why We Recommend It: Longer Constructive Activity, Multiple Gameplays, Core STEAM Learning, and Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys.

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20. Science Gift Set of Slime Kit + Science Kit + Electricity Kit

Promising Review: Very Good Product for Children. They can do various experiments with fun and learn many things.-Chiranjib Bandyopadhyay

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21. Super Math Spy

Why We Recommend It: Spies on a Mission in a Mental Math and Equation-Making Game. Fast-paced, fun game with lots of sums and calculations. Use the Decoder Glasses to read the numbers on tokens.

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22. Smartivity Kaleidoscope

Why We Recommend It: Smartivity helps in the Brain Development of your child with STEAM Concepts-based games/toys with Real Moving Parts and mechanical actions.

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23. Science or Magic Kit

Promising Review: Bought this for my kid. Found it to be very well-made and engaging. Would definitely recommend it.-TCK

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24. Mapology World with Flags & Capital

Why We Recommend It: A unique, fun, and exciting foam map puzzle toy to help children learn about the countries across the world

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25. Play Passport Activity Kit with Flags

Why We Like It: Improves general knowledge, makes learning geography fun, helps develop fine and gross motor skills, rewarding and motivating.

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26. Fleximos unicorn peel & stick window sticker

Why We Recommend It: Once the stickers are made, just turn them upside down and gently peel off the silicon paper. Just stick it on any smooth surface

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27. Chemistry Set

Why We Recommend It: Reduce screen time with our chemistry sets – this is an alternative option to reduce your kid’s screen time and gives wings to their imagination while sharpening skills. Thanks to these fun science projects that will make your little scientist study, experiment, learn, and have fun

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