Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday

53 Best Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday in India (2023)

Best Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday. The 1st ever birthday is definitely one of the most special and memorable birthdays. It is more exciting for the parents and loved ones than for the little baby girl or boy.

One of the best ways to make this birthday memorable and enjoyable for everyone at the party is also to bring them Return Gifts.

To make it easy and simple for you we have here some of the Best Return Gift Ideas for 1st birthday.

These presents are not just great as return gifts but you can also bring them as a gift for kids on their birthday or any other special occasion.

Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday: Best Return Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday you can give to the kids:

1. Kids Grip Socks

Why We Like It: The socks are made from pure organic cotton and bamboo fiber. They are free from harmful chemicals and colored dyes that may cause harm to the super-sensitive skin of newborn babies.

Why We Recommend It: Grip on the ankle prevents slipping off.

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2. Unicorn Tin Case Pouch

Why We Like It: Tin Case is made of brightly colored high-quality Metal, which makes it stylish and sturdy enough to protect your earphone from moisture, dirt, and dust.

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3. Baby Cotton Bloomers

Why We Like It: Cotton Bloomers for kids for all-day comfort.

Why We Recommend It: Cute, soft, and comfortable

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4. Flexi Ball

Promising Review: ‘This is a very good development toy for kids. Its shape and Colors keep kids engaged and help in developing hand-eye coordination a lot. It may be a bit heavy for 3 months kid but anyone more than 4 months will have a good time.’Krishna Charan

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5. Animal Cute Foam Balls 

Why We Like It: Soft Squeeze Sponge ball for kids with a colorful animal theme.

Why We Recommend It: Fun small-size ball for kids that is easy to hold in hand.

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6. Beeswax Crayons

Why We Like It: Shapes that won’t break easily, blend easily, and color smoothly.

Why We Recommend It: Enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax and coconut oil which is safe for the child and worry-free for the parent.

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7. Baby Activity Infant Chain

Why We Like It: Helps teach counting, and patterns and develops hand-eye coordination.

Why We Recommend It: Lightweight and easy to carry. Improves the grasping ability of your kid.

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8. Einstein Box

Why We Like It: Three learning activities –
1. my first shapes game, with foam shapes
2. at the farm, a toddler puzzle set
3. high-quality animal masks for role-playing.

Why We Recommend It: These books and activities develop a child’s thinking skills, improve vocabulary and build socio-emotional skills.

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9. Organic Beeswax Crayons

Promising Review: ‘These are lovely crayons with great shapes. An instant hit with my 2 as well as 5-year-old… great spread and beautiful colors! Great gifting idea too!!’Gunjeet

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10.  Stack and Roll Cups

Why We Like It: An innovative toy like the Fisher-Price brilliant basics stack and roll cups can help develop your child’s skills at an early stage.
These stackable, nestable, fit-together, and roll-around sets of 10 cups offer endless versatility and encourage your child to explore and discover. 

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11. Rattles Bells Shaking Dumbbells

Why We Like It: Its magnificent colors and clear sound will get the attention of your baby.

Why We Recommend It: Early development Toy for Infants that will also help children shape recognition.

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12. Mini Pull Back Car Toys

Why We Like It: High-quality plastic car toys that are sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

Why We Recommend It: This will really enhance their playing curiosity with attractive and unique colors and designs of individual cars.

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13. Einstein Box

Why We Like It: This beautifully designed and packaged gift of learning would be loved by both boys and girls.
The books and toys inside are age appropriate. Not only is Einstein Box educational, but it is also great fun. It provides hours of screen-free fun.

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Why We Like It: The colorful links can be connected with gentle physical force. They form various designs and patterns that can help in enhancing the child’s understanding of shapes, colors, and symmetry.

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Why We Like It: Alphy encourages toddlers to walk and enjoy the movements of toys, as his head bobs forward and backward.
Perfect buddy for fun and role play supports in developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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16. Musical Dancing Dog

Why We Like It: A unique, fun, and interactive dog toy that can sing, walk and dance.

Why We Recommend It: Entertaining and engaging toys that will keep a child busy.

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17. Nico The Giraffe

Why We Like It: Ideal toy for fun that will also build the physical and mental skills of kids.

Why We Recommend It: A pull-along toy for little kids that will encourage toddlers to walk and help them develop balance and coordination.

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18. Baby T-shirts

Why We Like It: Cartoon-printed t-shirts with an attractive look and different designs.

Why We Recommend It: Skin Friendly cotton t-shirts that are comfortable and great for everyday use.

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19. Cute and Lovely Giraffes 

Why We Like It: Plush toys Giraffe dolls that are super cute, soft, and lovely.

Why We Recommend It: Sweet and hugable toy that a kid would love to play with in bed.

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20. Little’s Junior Ring

Why We Like It: Little’s junior ring is an attractive educational toy that helps your baby recognize different colors and sizes while having fun stacking them in order.

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21. Little Master Activity Cube

Why We Like It: The activity Cube toy is a combination of multiple games to boost multiple skills in a child.

Why We Recommend It: An educational toy for children to enjoy playtime and enhance their skills. 

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22. Baby Plastic Swing

Why We Recommend It: It’s specifically designed for children, it’s lightweight, and meets the sport’s desire of little kids.

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23. Animal Finger Puppets

Why We Like It: Animal pattern design with bright colors, easy to keep the baby’s attention.

Why We Recommend It: Lovely animal finger puppets can certainly bring more fun and imagination to your kids.

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24. Mini Bags

Why We Like It: Handy picnic-printed cartoon bags that will catch the kids’ attention.

Why We Recommend It: Small and cool-looking handy bags where they would love to carry their stuff.

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25. Mechanical Sound and Light Car Toy

Why We Like It: Transparent design, one Can see the gear inside, helps the kids to know the mechanical concepts.
Colorful LED lights support your baby’s intellectual development, would improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination, is a good family game, and will help the parent-child relationship.

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26. Rainbow Stacking Cubes

Why We Like It: Contents are not to be sold individually. Safe for children, under adult supervision. The product will warp with use. Not intended as a bath toy.

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27. Musical Pull-Along Toy

Promising Review: ‘This hen-feeding toy remembers my childhood. Like this toy we definitely played with when we are small. My baby and I love this wooden toy. Love this wooden product as well.’Kaavya

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28. Colorful Press and Go Friction Animal Toys

Why We Recommend It: It will encourage kids to think logically and have sensory perception and develops hand-eye coordination and sensitivity towards subtle things.

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29. Webby Amazing Learning House

Why We Like It: Lots of Fun Activities Which Help Develop Motor Skills, Visual Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Tactile and Hearing Skills.

Why We Recommend It: Multiple learning activities help in the all-around development of the child.

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30. Tumbler Doll

Why We Like It: Tumbler doll wobbles, nods its head and makes soft and sweet sounds which makes the baby curious and happy at the same time
Why We Recommend It: Fun, cute, and engaging toy that lures and excites the baby to touch and grab it.

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31. Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy

Why We Like It: The kids love fidget puzzle toys. with colorful silicone geometric jigsaw puzzles, this is a very interesting learning toy, suitable for children to learn colors, numbers, shapes, and different patterns of architecture.

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32. Unicorn Soft Toy

Promising Review: ‘It’s cheap and the best
Amazing quality
I didn’t expect it to be so good I bought it to gift someone but it was so good that I kept it for my son and he loved it’
Neeti Sharma

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33. Plastic Eggs Nesting Toy

Why We Like It: This set features five nesting eggs of different colors and sizes. The eggs can be pulled apart from the middle and re-joined again. The different sizes enable the child to enclose the smaller-sized eggs inside the bigger ones.

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34. Talking & Dancing Cactus Toy

Why We Like It: Fun and lovely cactus plush toys, that can dance, sing, and move. It’s good for early education.
Made of soft and comfortable plush fabric, colorless and tasteless, it is skin‑friendly and is safe, and hygienic.

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35. Giggles – Chain Links

Why We Like It: This chain links set is cleverly designed to enhance creativity, imagination, and hand-eye coordination in kids of the age group 6 months and above. It offers an enjoyable and intuitive way of learning numerous concepts such as colors, shapes, and patterns.

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36. Smile Phone Toy

Why We Like It: Numbers on this kid’s cell phone teach beginning counting concepts; also introduce music and sound learning, builds hand-eye coordination, stimulate visual development, and more.

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37. Activity Ball

Why We Like It: The Funskool activity ball is a fun way of teaching a number of skills to your toddler. It needs to be assembled before your kid can start playing with it. Putting the ball together is quite simple and with a little practice, even little children can start assembling it. 

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38. Birds Flashcards

Why We Like It: Hold the flashcard in front of the baby and encourage the baby to focus on the flashcard. Speak the words on the flashcard and let the baby repeat them after you. Repeat with multiple patterns.

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39. Dancing Chicken

Why We Like It: The duck sings fun and happy tunes while flapping and lighting up its wings. the child will enjoy dancing and moving with the attractive moving function of the duck.

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40. 360 Degree Rotating Musical Dancing Girl Toy

Why We Like It: Cute Dancing Girl encourages your child to follow, promotes interaction, encourages develops gross motor skills, and observes coordination visual-special skills, and hand-eye coordination.

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41. Animals Flash Cards

Why We Like It: Made with excellent and vivid plans your children will certainly cherish, our children’s streak cards are planned with huge striking prints and lovely expressions to effortlessly see the words and numbers even from far off while keeping them locked in.

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42. Vinyl Toy Cars

Why We Like It: These cars are great for any boy or girl that is teething, just learning to crawl, or starting to play with toys.
These floating cars are great bathtub toys because it is rubber and made of the same materials as rubber duckies. 

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43. Slug Fidget Toy

Why We Like It: The slug fidget toy is non-toxic with smooth edges and can be safely played with by children. It feels very comfortable to hold in your hand, there are no obvious edges and corners, and it will not scratch your hands at all.

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44. Animal Plush Elephant Toy

Why We Like It: This stuffed animal is made of materials and looks cute and warm. 
It is super soft and it feels like you are hugging a cloud. Squeeze this soft plush to relieve your stress.

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45. Animal Finger Puppets

Why We Like It: High-quality soft velvet plush, makes a supple feel for kids. The small finger holes fit the little kid’s finger, suitable for children to play with.

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46. T-Shirts

Why We Like It: The baby boy’s t-shirts enhance the dressing style of the kid and the baby looks unique.
Designed for Baby’s comfort, these garments have been made using the softest Cotton with bio-wash.

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47. Soft Ball

Why We Like It: This adorable plush ball is made with super soft fabric. The ball features multiple vibrant colors that can instantly attract toddlers and encourage them to play. 

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48. R for Rabbit Stack It Learning Cups with Music

Why We Like It: This kid’s toy is not just a stacking toy it can be used in the bathtub, can be used to build a sand castle on a beach/sand play area, and also can be used as a mini pot to grow plants.

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49. Stacking Multicolored Cubes

Why We Like It: This multi-colored stacking cube set includes 8 individual cubes of varying sizes. Each cube is designed to provide an intuitive learning experience. This cube set is ideal for children above 12 months of age.

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50. Baby Anti Slip Crew Socks

Why We Like It: These crew baby grips socks can really stay on. Considering the energetic active little kids, the sock’s elastic area has been improved to prevent the socks from falling off while the babies still feel comfortable around the ankle.

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51. Roly Poly Turtle

Why We Like It: Cute and Colourful Companion for Kids The Funskool Roly Poly turtle is a cute toy for little kids who have just learned to toddle. Multiple shades like green, yellow, blue, red, and white are used on this toy to instantly attract the attention of your little one. 

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52. Unicorn Rubber Balloon Bouquet

Why We Like It: High-quality self-sealing balloon, when inflated with helium will float for several days. High-quality materials.
 It will be a beloved gift for a girl’s birthday, boy’s parties, festival decorations, and daily use at home or outdoors.

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53. Nico The Giraffe

Why We Like It: A pull-along companion for toddlers. They will love pulling Nico along as he bobs his head, wags his tail, and walks with them.

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