Return Gift Ideas for 2nd Birthday

43 BEST Return Gift Ideas for 2nd Birthday (India) 2024

Best Return Gift Ideas for 2nd Birthday. Your little one’s birthday is almost here and you are wondering how to make his/her birthday party special and memorable for everyone.

Well, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do to make your baby’s birthday party more enjoyable is to give Return Gifts to the guests.

Because it’s your little one’s birthday party, a lot of his/her friends will be there who are around his/her age. Most of the guests will have kids or parents with their little ones. By keeping all that in mind I have created a return gift list where most of the gifts are for kids more specifically around 2-year-old kids.

Finding good and inexpensive return gifts could be hard that’s why I am here with the handpicked collection of some amazing gifts that would make perfect return gifts for the kids at the party.

Return Gifts Ideas for 2nd Birthday: Best Return Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best Return Gift ideas for the 2nd birthday you can find online.

1. Animal Cute Face Foam Balls

Why We Like It: Jumps 1 foot High. Colorful and attractive. The small size makes it easy to hold in hand.

Why We Recommend It: Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Piggy, and Panda Bear face on the ball make it more amusing for kids

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2. Plastic Non-Toxic Rattle

Why We Like It: A Perfect Gift for a 2-year-old. Made of non-toxic Eco-friendly material, safe for children to get on the mouth or chew on. 

Why We Recommend It: Helps strengthen a baby’s sensory, motor, and hand and eye coordination skills different colors, various shapes, and unique designs can develop a baby’s recognition ability.

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3. Unicorn Design Metal Tin Case

Why We Like It: Stylish, sturdy, and easy-to-carry case with a zipper that easily fits in pockets.

Why We Recommend It: It will be a wonderful gift choice for small kids to carry their small and essential items.

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4. Rabbit with Carrot Stuffed Soft Plush Toy

Why We Like It: Hug gable, soft, and lovable Toys for small kids.

Promising Review: ‘Really nice plush toy. As expected and seen in the image. Cute little rabbit and my daughter loves it. Delivered neatly packed in a box with a protective cover, no stains or dirt.’G.K

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5. Stack and Roll Cups

Why We Like It: Entertaining as well as educational toys for little kids.

Why We Recommend It: Different colors, sizes, and numbers help build early identification skills.

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6. Kids Grip Socks Pack

Why We Like It: The grippers at the sole of socks provide superb grip for fall prevention while walking or running on slick surfaces such as wood or tile floors.

Why We Recommend It: Super soft-made up of the finest organic cotton ideal for kids.

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7. Sort N Spill Butterfly

Why We Like It: Fitting blocks through the openings and matching block shapes helps develop thinking and problem-solving skills as well as fine motor skills.

Why We Recommend It: A toy to introduce babies to shapes and colors.

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8. Baby Boys’ & Baby Girls’ Cotton Bloomers

Why We Like It: Cute, stretchable, and breathable innerwear bloomers for baby boys or baby girls.

Why We Recommend It: It will make kids feel comfortable all day long.

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9. Mini Pull Back Car Toys

Why We Like It: Attractive, sturdy, and lightweight car toys that kids gonna love.

Why We Recommend It: Help to build kids’ imaginary kingdom at full blast, and improve their imagination and creativity.

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10. The Zebra Pull-Along Toy

Why We Like It: This toy features a sturdy brightly colored wooden zebra pull-along toy named Zeebo which has a sturdy string attached to the mouth.

Why We Recommend It: Helps develop your child’s cognition and develop pattern recognition. Develops children’s hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking, and imagination.

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11. Giraffe Toy

Why We Like It: It can help a little kid develop balance and coordination while having a lot of fun.

Why We Recommend It: A pull-along companion for toddlers that will encourage toddlers to walk.

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12. Baby T-shirts

Why We Like It: Attractive, skin-friendly t-shirts for kids with beautiful designs. These T-shirts have a round neck design and full sleeves. The fully sleeved fit keeps your child’s arms covered from light breezes.

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Why We Like It: Easy to clean, attractive, and a fantastic drink-carrying solution for kids for everyday use.

Why We Recommend It: Spill-proof and air-tight seal prevents spillage and keeps food fresh.

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14. Ben 10 Safari Rideon

Why We Like It: It helps babies to develop gross motor skills in the most fun way.

Why We Recommend It: comfortable and spacious car. It will keep the baby indulged in active play.

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15. Activity Cube for Kids

Why We Like It: The activity cube toy for kids is full of vibrant colors which helps children in color recognition with colorful piano keys, colorful beads, colorful gears, and many more.

Why We Recommend It: Multipurpose Toy which can help children sharpen their logical skills.

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16. Baby Swing Chair 

Why We Like It: Meticulously engineered with heavy-duty rope and wood featuring a safety lock belt for your child which adds extra safety.

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17. Soft Plush Animal Finger Puppets

Why We Like It: Animal pattern design with bright colors, easy to keep the baby’s attention.

Why We Recommend It: Pretend as a different animal and communicate with the kid, training his oral communication ability and logical thinking ability.

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18. Cartoon Characters LED Light Bracelets

Why We Like It: Cartoon characters with LED light bracelets that are engaging and entertaining.

Why We Recommend It: Bracelet with their favorite cartoon character that will make them look cool in front of their friends.

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19. Drum Keyboard Musical Toys

Why We Like It: Attractive Electronic drums specially designed for babies that play melodious songs with flashing lights.

Why We Recommend It: The organ keyboard plays musical notes, animal sounds, and songs.

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20. Night Light Projector Lamp

Why We Like It: The quiet star Night light projector lamp will not be noisy, place it in your children’s room, helping to drive away the darkness for them so that it can help parents coax the baby to fall into a quite quickly.

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21. Colorful Press and Go Friction Animal Toys

Why We Like It: Adorable little toy full of fun, entertainment, and leanings.

Why We Recommend It: Develops hand-eye coordination, sensitivity towards subtle things, logical thinking, and sensory perception.

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22. Radio Control Cartoon Racing Toy

Promising Review: ‘Very sturdy(considering my son throws it around a lot and still it works fine) attractive colors, multiple musicals, and easy controls that it easily fits a child above 2 yrs of age.’Sree8

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23. Wooden Hammer Ball

Why We Like It: Brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces help build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills. Hammer Ball will help develop gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration in addition to relieving stress.

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24. Ladybug with 3D Lightning

Why We Like It: Children can watch the Plane move forward, backward, and spin 360 degrees on any flat surface. If it crashes into the wall or an object, it automatically changes its direction on contact.

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25. Number & Shape Sorting House

Why We Like It: Handcrafted in India: 100% eco-friendly wooden and bright natural, non-toxic, water-based paints, child safe. No batteries, no plastic.
Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and sensory and fine motor skills.

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26. Smart Phone

Why We Like It: Cartoon Characters Mobile phone Including Poems, Animal Sounds, Ringtones, Digital Keypad, Music, Piano, etc Pop stick Music Keeps kids engaged during their playtime.

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27. Junior Smiley Stacking

Why We Like It: The Stacking Ring is an attractive educational toy that helps your baby recognize different colors and sizes while having fun stacking them in order. Stacking Ring helps your baby naturally develop concepts of color, shape, and size through fun-filled play activities.

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28. Animal Puzzle Set

Why We Like It: Animal Fun puzzles introduce kids to different animals through beautiful pictures. The most attractive thing about the puzzle pieces is that they come in the shape of the animal itself. Two jigsaws connect and make an animal as shown in the pictures. 

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29. Wooden Learning Educational Board 

Why We Like It: A great learning tool for preschoolers. Let your children learn and master life skills in a happy environment and exercise their practical skills. 

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30. Stacking Sorter Toys

Why We Like It: These geometric blocks can be combined into various shapes, which helps to exercise the kid’s operating and observing ability well, the best educational toys.
Protect baby safety, make delicate products attentively, and give you high-quality toys. The edges are smooth and won’t hurt the baby’s delicate skin.

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31. Babies Memory Games

Why We Like It: The jigsaw puzzle develops logic. The art set builds creativity. The role play masks help brain development. The books develop language skills.

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32. Transparent Bump and Go Toys

Why We Like It: Little car lovers will be transfixed with excitement as they observe the coolness. Each time this light-up toy train hits a barrier, it automatically changes direction and keeps cruising; all thanks to the cool bump-and-go action engine.

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33. Wooden Activity Triangle Learning Toy

Why We Like It: Long lasting premium quality wooden 5-sided multi-activity toy, with an abacus, alphabet swivel blocks with pictures, chalkboard, clock, and wooden gears, makes it fun for your child to understand important preschool learning concepts.

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34. Butterfly Sewing Toy

Promising Review: ‘Purchased this for my daughter to build her hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills. She likes it and the butterfly design appeals to her. The aglets r strong and the string and butterfly are of good quality.’Syeda Fatima

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35. Train with 3D Lightning

Why We Like It: Providing long-lasting strength and use, this Beautiful 3D Lightning Electric Train Toy is expertly crafted using durable plastic construction to withstand bumping into walls and endless hours of play.

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36. Bath Toys

Why We Like It: The bath turtle toy has a clockwork and a rotating device. Put it in the water and it will swim, and the child will follow the swim to achieve the effect of bathing

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37. Dancing Dog Toy with Music

Why We Like It: A rotating wheel at the base of the dog enables it to move around. Features lights and music. This cute puppy toy can move with its wheel and change its direction if it meets a barrier.

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38. Learning and Educational Gift Pack

Why We Like It: The games help brain development and improve memory. The books, reward charts, and flashcards develop vocabulary and language skills.
This game develops your 2-year-old’s logical thinking via its fun and interactive matching game concept.

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39. Cartoon Mini Travel Backpack

Why We Like It: The toddler backpack presents a main compartment with a cotton interior, which is large capacity and long-lasting. Perfectly for keeping and organizing books, toys, pencils, snacks, etc.

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40. Peppa Pig: Little Library

Why We Like It: The Peppa Pig Little Library is a charming collection of six chunky mini-board books, based on your favorite characters from Peppa Pig and presented in a colorful slipcase box.
They are ideal for preschool children and fans of the show, and the backs of the six books make a jigsaw.

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41. Activity and Learning Ball

Promising Review: ‘Really a Quality product. Worth buying. Doesn’t get spoiled that easily. My two-year-old son keeps throwing it but it is all fine with his good quality. Lightweight and very easy to hold.’Laxmi Acharya

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42. Cotton Pajama Pants

Why We Like It: Mini Cult presents cotton baby clothes in cute and trendy prints all over. The waistband of these track pants is of cotton and it has ribbed ankles to provide flexibility for the activities of your growing child. These diaper pants are ideal for your infant as they can be worn with or without diapers.

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43. Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock

Why We Like It: The Wooden Teaching Time Number Blocks have 12 removable blocks including containing wooden minute hand, and hour hand. The hour and minute hand can be moved independently.

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