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61 BEST Return Gifts for Ladies Online (India) – 2024

Best Return Gifts for Ladies in India. Struggling to find good Return Gifts for Ladies for upcoming functions or occasions. No need to worry. Because we got you covered here with some fantastic Return gift ideas that are loved by women.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or whatever the occasion is, these gifts will not disappoint you.

These are not just great as return gifts but these will make fantastic gifts for ladies in general.

Here you will find unique and impressive gifts with different prices which will make it quite easier for you to choose the right return gifts for ladies.

Return Gift Ideas for Ladies: Best Return Gifts for Ladies Online

These are the gift that will work best as return gifts for ladies on any occasion or for the beautiful gift you receive from them.

1. Earrings (Multicolor)

Why We Recommend It: Stylish and beautiful earrings. Perfect to add to women’s fashion accessories.

Promising Review: ‘It’s very nice and colorful. I bought two pairs. One for me and one for my Bestie for friends day. She is falling in love with the earring.’Vetha

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2. Super Woman Mug

Why We Like It: Mug with a beautiful design and message that women will find relatable and inspiring.

Why We Recommend It: Ladies will kick start their day in the best way with this mug.

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3. Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box

Promising Review: ‘I have purchased this wooden jewelry box to keep my Jhumkis and daily office-going accessories.
And it’s looking good as a showpiece in my living area.’
Vibha Jain

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4. Potli Bags

Why We Like It: Gift Potli bags you can use to fill chocolates, candies, dry fruits, or any other gifts. 

Why We Recommend It: Pretty-looking gift pouches to make the return gifts beautiful and better.

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5. Fastrack Women’s Watch

Why We Like It: Fashion watch for ladies to make a style statement.

Why We Recommend It: A sleek and elegant watch will make a great return gift for the fashionista ladies out there.

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6. Beautiful KumKum Boxes

Why We Like It: Cute and lovely Sindoor Dabbis where they can not only store sindoor but their precious jewelry as well.

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7. Beautiful Storage Jars

Why We Like It: A gorgeous and useful storage jar will also work as an affirmation.

Why We Recommend It: It will be a beautiful return gift for beautiful ladies where they can stock up on their favorite cookies, candies, chips, etc.

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8. Journal Diary (Believe in Miracle)

Why We Like It: Classy, practical, and handy notebook. The journals are designed to be the ultimate All-Purpose Notebook – from jotting down notes and doodling to tracking your days and creating art.

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9. Gold Thank You Tags

Why We Like It: Pretty looking and charming Tag that will get anyone’s attention and make them feel appreciated.

Why We Recommend It: You can stick these Tags with your return gift to make it more special.

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10. Frame Clutch Bags

Why We Like It: This framed clutch is made of premium shiny material and It consists of an exclusively imported metal frame, silk lining, and a clasp closure.

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11. Decorative Kumkum/Sindoor Box

Why We Recommend It: These adorable and beautifully designed sindoor boxes perfect return gifts for women on occasions like weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, etc.

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12. Boss Lady Coffee Mug

Promising Review: ‘The product is as described. Quality is absolutely perfect and a great item to gift your loved one on a random day for an inexpensive surprise. Go for it!’Anand N.

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13. Watch

Why We Like It:  Sonata offers stylish and contemporary designs that add an element of preciousness to all special occasions.
Ranging from a royal gold collection to smart steel and sporty and young Super Fibre, each timepiece is designed keeping in mind the mix of bold and beautiful people who wear them.

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14. Women’s Tote Bag

Why We Like It: This intricately designed handbag is fashionable-elegance-affordable all in one.

Why We Recommend It: This stylish design-tote bag works great with different kinds of outfits and will make a good gift for women of all ages.

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15. Handicraft Women’s Potli

Why We Like It: Spacious, charming, and easy-to-carry Potli bag for women which women can use on special or traditional occasions.

Why We Recommend It: Would like to say thanks to an impressive gift to a special lady for her gift. This stylish and appealing Potli bag is worth considering.

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16. Beauty Series Mugs

Why We Like It: A fabulous mug with a hairbrush-shaped handle perfect to gift a lady with a sense of humor.

Why We Recommend It: Would make a great return gift to a special girl/woman on a special occasion.

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17. Jewelry Box for Women

Why We Like It: Unique wooden box with a flip-flap system to organize personal jewelry, watches, or other small stuff.

Why We Recommend It:  It can be a traditional and thoughtful return gift for women and girls on any special occasion.

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18. Women’s Potlis

Why We Like It: Beautiful, lightweight, and spacious these Potli bags can easily be wrapped around the wrist using their drawstrings.

Promising Review: ‘Beautiful👌👌
The colors are bright n the work is beautiful. Just loved it.’

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19. Boss Lady Mug

Why We Recommend It: An inspiring mug you can get for a sister, daughter, niece, girlfriend, wife, or best friend as a return gift.

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20. Thank You Craft Paper Sticker 

Why We Like It: Cute and eye-catching ‘Thank you’ stickers that can bring smiles to faces.

Why We Recommend It: Stick these with return gifts to express your love and appreciation to them for being there with you on the special occasion.

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21. Diffusers Set

Why We Like It: This reed diffuser will become your favorite way to fragrance your home; it does not need to be lit and can decorate any space, leaving your home smelling fresh all day.

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22. Waistband

Why We Like It: Its unique and stylish metal belt design is the perfect complement to any outfit. Exquisite workmanship that touches so solid and durable, complemented with an exquisite and good-looking stylish zinc alloy metal belt, that is elegantly designed and never out of date.

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23. Fashion Ladies Handbag With Clutch

Promising Review: ‘This product was gifted to my sister-in-law, she found it handy and attractive । she was pleased to have it in her collection.’Kishore Kumar

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24. Handicraft Journal Binding With Lock

Why We Like It: The notebook diary contains smooth pages for writing notes, which makes it easy to carry anywhere a journal book for writing those random thoughts and stuff.

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25. Vanilla Scented Candle

Why We Like It: Perfect for gifting to your loved one and candles ensure long-term positivity in the environment.
Spreading light, warmth, and fragrance.

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26. Herbal Body Wash Shower Gel

Why We Like It: The Body Wash is blended with naturally hydrating extracts and pure oils to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin as gently and effectively as possible.

Why We Recommend It: It leaves skin deeply hydrated and refreshingly clean with the antioxidant and healing properties of flaxseed and moisturizing.

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27. Bath Bombs

Why We Like It: It has Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, and Dead Sea Salt Enrich with Cocoa, and Shea Butter. Which makes Body Detox and Super Moisturised Naturally.
Beautiful Gift Sets to pamper yourself and your Loved Ones.

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28. Ceramic Storage Jar

Why We Like It: Every ceramic jar is handcrafted and will go well with the rest of your kitchen décor. Gift it to someone who loves keeping snacks all around the house. 

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29. Diffuser Scented Candles

Why We Like It: Finest essential oil inspired by natural flowers and plants: Jasmine, green tea, and cedar delicate and luxuriant aromas fill your room, and uplift anyone’s mood.

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30. Potli Bag Set

Why We Like It: Being lightweight and spacious these Potli bags can easily be wrapped around the wrist using their drawstrings.
Used to carry earrings, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry items. Coins and cards with easy accessibility keep your items anti-dust.

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31. Printed Rayon Scarf

Why We Like It: These featherly light stoles are going to be a great plus in your wardrobe and your accessories collection.
These latest scarves make you look stylish and are super soft on the skin.

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32. Sancha Tea Boutique

Promising Review: ‘You don’t know what good earl grey tastes like until you taste something like this
I don’t think I can go back to supermarket tea again. Subtle and fragrant.’

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33. Leather Handbag

Why We Like It: Crafted under proficiency it is made of unmatched quality leatherette. Carry it with your colorful western look or the vintage traditional oomph to give a new feature to styling.

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34. Sleep Mask

Why We Like It: This eye mask features a comfortable and soft elastic strap, So it would never fall off the head while sleeping. It can be adjusted according to head size and comfort.
The silk sleep mask reduces facial stress, wrinkles, aging, eye bags, puffiness, and under-eye darkening to make you look more healthy.

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35. Multicolor Ring

Promising Review: ‘The ring is absolutely stunning made with finesse. A pure delight to wear on the finger. The stones are also of extremely good quality. Absolutely in love with it! Thank you so much for such a steal deal :)’
Nandita Sarkar

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36. Makeup Box Desk Organizer

Why We Like It: Makeup organizer for dressing table makes your dressing table neat and clean, no more messy bathroom shelves or dressing room drawers.
You can organize your brushes, makeup, and bathing product makeup brush holder

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37. Ankle Socks

Why We Like It: These are super-soft socks made from high-quality cotton precisely blended with spandex which provides smooth comfort and perfect elasticity.
These are the Cushioned ankle sock that fits free-size Women’s feet. 

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38. Boss Lady Printed Coffee Mug

Why We Like It: This boss coffee mug has an ergonomic design, through the trial of different people, the final design is the most comfortable handle, with a sufficient 11-ounce capacity, fully satisfying your daily use.

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39. Aroma Diffuser Set

Why We Like It: The Aroma Fragrance Set is also crafted beautifully so that it can be the best gift set for your near and dear loved ones.
Lavender fragrance is the best known for relaxation and mood lifter gives happiness to the environment.

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40. Lavender Bath Salt

Why We Like It: Soulflower lavender bath salt is made with mineral-rich sea salt and it is perfect for dry skin.
Lavender bath salt is enriched with oils of lavender and olive which imparts a pleasing aroma and is immensely soothing for your senses.

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41. Glares Case

Why We Like It: It is big enough to carry almost all kinds of glares or spectacles or glasses or sunglasses, reading glasses or spectacles, etc.

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42. Heart Earrings

Promising Review: ‘It was very well packed in a Box. The Heart Studs look amazing on the ears. Wearing it for a week and still shining is the same. Perfect for Gifting.’Bharti

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43. Printed Coasters

Why We Like It: Enhance the beauty of your table with these coasters that are printed especially for you.
These are not just cool-looking coasters, they are also great works of art.

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44. Cross Body Sling Bag

Why We Like It: A purse, also known as a handbag, is a bag used to carry money, wallets, phones, and other daily essentials. Purses often feature a long strap or handle that you can rest on your shoulder or hold in your hand.

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45. Winter Ear Warmers

Why We Like It: The headband is knitted, which is elastic and soft, very stretchable, and the wide headband can bring warmth to you easily without hurting your hair, especially designed for winter.

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46. Crystal Bracelet

Why We Like It: This Jewellery is a perfect match for your dress to zest up your style and double your happiness. A perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones for all occasions.

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47. Lipstick Kit Set

Why We Like It: A perfect kit for you if you just can’t resist the love for a minimal make-up look. Shades that will make you fall in love with the naturally glamorous side of you.

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48. Hollow Hair Clips

Why We Like It: A Versatile Hair Accessory Claw clips are perfect for holding all of your hair can be used in fancy hairdos or in simple ones and you can use these hair claws to hold twists and buns in place. 

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49. Bubble Bath bombs

Why We Like It: Brighten her day with this 2-pack bath bomb set. The all-natural bath bombs dissolve to reveal a hidden ring inside.  Imagine the grin on her face as she struts around wearing her newly acquired jewelry.

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50. Pearl Pendant with Chain

Why We Like It: The pendant is adorned with bewitching finest quality Swiss Zirconia Diamonds and Best quality Pearl, which give an exquisite look to the pendant and make it more charming.

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51. Fragrance

Why We Like It: Celeste is a fragrance for the carefree and playful with its sublime blend of freshness. It’s fruity apricot nectar and green pear notes with floral jasmine sambac and waterlily breathe life into any place you set foot in.

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52. Artificial Flowers Accessories

Why We Like It: Versatile and subtle, hair pins are perfect for any hairstyle though it is usually much preferable to be worn with half up or full updo.
You can add just one pin or a few depending on the style you are creating.

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53. Cosmetic Make-Up Storage

Why We Like It: The makeup storage box has a drawer, convenient for storing cosmetics jewelry accessories watches, and other small objects.
Stylish desk organizer, great for cosmetics and small items such as pens, perfume, jewelry, etc.

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54. Cross-Body Phone Bag

Why We Like It: This type of bag is very convenient to use because you can wear it over your clothes and you do not have to hold it in your hand. Additionally, it frees up your hands so that you can do other things.

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55. Rectangular Sunglasses

Promising Review: ‘If you are looking for good quality, affordable sunglasses, go for this one. Just unpacked it and I love the quality. Aren’t too loose or too tight. Just fits perfectly.’Ishita S.

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56. Designer Bracelet

Why We Like It: The Bracelet features a proposal rose artistically crafted rose buds chain design embellished with Swiss Zircon crystal, which fits comfortably and beautifully around your Hand.

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57. Women Watch Case

Why We Like It: A selection of watch boxes and storage solutions to keep your watch safe and secure in style, when not in use. Brilliant watch display case to hold 5 watches/bracelets with pillow puffs.

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58. Slipper

Why We Like It: These casual slippers are designed to provide the basic comfort required for your feet. They can be worn indoors to provide insulation to your feet while you walk around the house.

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59. Analogue Women’s Watch

Why We Like It: With a classic gold band and a black dial, for everyday wear or special occasions, the simple yet stylish design makes this a versatile piece that matches any outfit in your closet.

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60. Self-Care Trinket Tray

Why We Like It: Place it on your study desk to hold paper pins or on your dresses to display smaller jewelry. This gorgeous tray is made entirely from ceramic and features a decal printed quote on it.

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61.  Portable Cube Purse

Why We Like It: Water-resistant, dustproof, easy to clean with a damp cloth Unique design with square shape and striped pattern, with large capacity This makeup bag is suitable for anyone on the go who needs to organize their cosmetics.

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